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Consultation / First Treatment: 1½ hrs: £90
Subsequent Treatments: 45 mins: £65

Consultation / First Treatment: 45 mins: £45
Subsequent Treatments: 30 mins: £30

Most people begin by having acupuncture once a week. The duration and frequency will depend upon the symptoms and the individual.   

Some people like to come for an informal chat before committing to a course of acupuncture.  There is no charge for this fifteen-minute session where the prospective patient can meet the acupuncturist, see the treatment room and have an opportunity to ask questions.

The first appointment is a double session of one and half hours.  This visit includes the opportunity for the patient to discuss their health in detail including presenting symptoms, general health, medical history, sleep, diet, appetite and indeed all aspects of life that may be relevant.  The patient is encouraged to ask questions about acupuncture; for most people Oriental medicine is a new experience.

Following the consultation process, the first acupuncture treatment will take place.  This involves the use of fine needles and moxibustion, the application of gentle heat to the skin.  Most people find an acupuncture session a relaxing experience.  Some people notice a change in their health and well being soon after treatment.  With others, the effects are subtler and it may be a few sessions before change is apparent.

A person receiving acupuncture is recommended to inform their GP and any other health professionals that they are undergoing a course of treatment.  Increasingly, doctors and other health practitioners work with the acupuncturist to provide an integrated approach to health care for their patient.